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Springboard + is designed to be a key foundational bridging program for emergers, graduates and those seeking to ‘springboard’ into a professional career in the screen industry. 

 Springboard + is the beginning of the development pathway through Mercury CX which the leads into the MCX Production Fund, Scripts Out Loud, SASA and SASA Fest, MCX Labs, Screenmakers Conference and Pitching Market. 

Offered in modules, the program includes four months of workshops, seminars, mentoring, and labs designed to provide foundational skills across the key creative areas of screenwriting, producing, directing, and business skills. Participants will also be provided with networking and pitching opportunities to build a team and develop a project as part of the program in readiness for submitting to the MCX Production Fund, Quicksilver. 

Springboard + will employ diverse, high-level, national industry specialists of the highest calibre in the key creative disciplines. 

The program will build an ongoing community of practitioners advancing together through extended project development practice and networking opportunities. 

Springboard + provides an applied learning pathway where participants have the opportunity to develop a work through this program. Those with the requisite craft skills with a project sufficiently advanced will be placed into Stream A where they will receive feedback and guidance from our development team and specialist external advisers, on scripts, director’s vision statements, production documents in readiness to submit to the MCX production fund. 

Those who are simply seeking to build writing or craft skills, or have projects that are more entry level, that require further foundational work will be placed into Stream B and will be given dedicated exercises and participate in additional story fundamentals workshop. 

All participants will be given industry standard templates and documents across the three disciplines of writing, producing and directing. 

Springboard is scheduled for release in April 2021. To be the first to hear – sign up to our mailing list or become a member!