Developing the next great short film or web series means investing in creating the best script possible. Short documents, treatments and scripts are the foundations of the financial, logistical and creative process to bring a story to screen.

Mercury CX has a Script Assessment service for short-form projects.


Do I have to be a member to access Mercury CX courses?

Mercury CX offers a range of workshops and courses. Some programs for the benefit of members, and others are open programs offering generous discounts for MCX Members.

Where can I learn more about the technical aspects of production?
From time to time, Mercury CX will run production workshops. Subscribe to keep up to date on our latest offerings.

Launching in 2021 is SASAFEST, an intensive workshop for screen craft.

In South Australia, MAPS and TAFE SA have a number of foundation level technical courses for production skills. There are also private training providers.

Where can I learn about film-making in South Australia?

Mercury CX is the right place! We are a pathway between study and professional practice for emerging practitioners.

The South Australian Film Corporation provides support for screen professionals and productions within South Australia. Mercury CX works closely with SAFC to provide emerging and early-career screen makers pathways to production.

We recommend the Screen Australia guide to getting started in the Australian screen industry

Will Mercury CX give me feedback on my feature film script?
With a core purpose of supporting emerging screen creatives, Mercury CX focusses on short-form projects (including short films, web series, documentary and animation). Our script assessment service is limited to 15 pages/short projects.
Is Mercury CX affiliated with any educational institution?
No. However across specific initiatives we work with a range of institutions across our different initiatives including Flinders University and UniSA.
Is Mercury CX a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)?

No. Our courses and workshops are developed and delivered by industry experts with a range of teaching experience across different institutions both in South Australia and Australia-wide.

Is HECS or Fee Help available for Mercury CX courses and workshops?
No. Our major programs offer a range of payment options. Mercury CX does have provision to ensure individuals from under-represented groups have the maximum opportunity to participate in the screen economy. Speak to us if you feel your circumstances may mean you need assistance.
What are short documents and how should I format my script?

Short documents refers to a range of different documents used in the development of screen productions. It might be a one-page synopsis, a treatment, a show bible, or a full script.

Screen Australia has a very useful guide to short documents.