At Mercury CX we are committed to supporting the pathways for emerging screen creatives and progressing the development of storytellers at all stages of their career. Whether you are an emerging student filmmaker looking to get ready for your first professional attachment, or an experienced creative looking to develop their craft, we have an ongoing program of professional development that will support your needs.


I am an emerging producer, what support can Mercury CX offer me?
As an MCX member, you’re entitled to a one-hour professional consult once per year. Our development programs such as Springboard provide professional development opportunities and Springboard + includes tailored advice.
What types of production does Mercury CX fund?

Mercury CX funds short-form projects through the annual Quicksilver production fund. Applications open mid-year for creative teams. 

Can I apply as an individual for production funding?
Mercury CX funds projects that are production-ready through the Quicksilver fund. This usually means that key creatives will be attached to the project already. Contact us to discuss your specific project.
Do I have to be a member to access production support and funding?
Yes, this is a benefit of MCX Membership.
Does Mercury CX work with the screen associations and guilds?
Australia’s screen industry is a significant creator of jobs and contributes to Australia’s financial and reputational presence. Mercury CX works closely with all federal and state agencies to ensure we are creating programs that support a vibrant and growing screen culture.

We welcome the members of our industry guilds including Screen Producers Australia, Australian Directors Guild, Australian Writers Guild and Actors Equity along with the screencraft guilds and associations.

Can I apply for production funding outside the Quicksilver fund?
Except for specific initiatives, no. From time to time, Mercury CX will have other production initiatives, sometimes in partnership with other agencies and organisations. An example of this is the recent New Voices Film Lab, in conjunction with the South Australian Film Corporation and Adelaide Film Festival.
Where can I learn more about the technical aspects of production?
From time to time, Mercury CX will run production workshops. Subscribe to keep up to date on our latest offerings.

Launching in 2021 is SASAFEST, an intensive workshop for screen craft.

In South Australia, MAPS and TAFE SA have a number of foundation level technical courses for production skills. There are also private training providers.

Is Mercury CX a registered training organisation (RTO)?
No. Our courses and workshops are developed and delivered by industry experts with a range of teaching experience across different institutions both in South Australia and Australia-wide.
Is Mercury CX affiliated with any educational institution?
No. However across specific initiatives we work with a range of institutions across our different initiatives including Flinders University and UniSA.
Will Mercury CX give me feedback on my feature film script?

With a core purpose of supporting emerging screen creatives, Mercury CX focusses on short-form projects (including short films, web series, documentary and animation). Depending on availability, our script assessment service may consider feature projects.

Where can I learn about film-making in South Australia?
Mercury CX is the right place! We are a pathway between study and professional practice for emerging practitioners.

The South Australian Film Corporation provides support for screen professionals and productions within South Australia. Mercury CX works closely with SAFC to provide emerging and early-career screen makers pathways to production.

We recommend the Screen Australia guide to getting started in the Australian screen industry

Do I have to be a member to access Mercury CX courses?

Most of our courses require membership, please see T&C’s for each specific program. 

Is HECS or Fee Help available for Mercury CX courses and workshops?
No. Our major programs offer a range of payment options. Mercury CX does have provision to ensure individuals from under-represented groups have the maximum opportunity to participate in the screen economy. Speak to us if you feel your circumstances may mean you need assistance.
What are short documents and how should I format my script?

Short documents refers to a range of different documents used in the development of screen productions. It might be a one-page synopsis, a treatment, a show bible, or a full script.

What is GlueUp?

GlueUp is a membership and professional development administration platform. Mercury CX has chosen GlueUp because it supports our needs in delivering membership services and events to our members in a cost-effective way. GlueUp was selected for the range of features it provides, including event and course management. 

Do I have to join GlueUp to be a Mercury CX member or attend an event?

GlueUp is our membership and event platform. For some events that are open to attendees beyond Mercury CX members, the platform may require registration. This is like using a different platform such as Zoom or Eventbrite. It ensures that event registration is complete and communication is possible to registered delegates.