This is the method to book a ticket to a cinema session or to book the facilities with you Mercury Subscription.

1. Select Book Facilities or Book Cinema session from the side menu

2. Here you can now see the available days and rooms, for cinema sessions or the available room to book. You will either be on the cinema booking page or the Facilities booking page shown below.

Cinema and Facilities booking pages

3. Select the session for the film or the Room you wish to book.  You can see available dates by clicking “Show Future Dates”

select session

4.  Now you are on the session or Room page you will need to sign in to see your Mercury Subscription Ticket appear.  To do this select “sign in” as highlighted in the picture below.

5. Enter your email and password you have used to create your Mercury Subscription and then select the “Sign in” button

sign in

6. Your Mercury Subscription Ticket will now appear and you can proceed to book your selected ticket or room.
You will need to complete the cart process to place the order / make the booking in our system  – you will not be charged for your single ticket to a cinema session or to bo0k the facilities with your Mercury Subscription.

Subscription tickets will now be shown