Mercury Club Members can purchase multipass tickets. Mercury Club membership gives you the warm fuzzy you get from being a part of the best independent film club in Adelaide, PLUS access to exclusive screenings, access to cinematheque screenings and a bunch more cool stuff.

The Multipasses must be bought in person at the Mercury Cinema and Lounge Bar and are valid for twelve months from purchase.

We are open …..

Become a Mercury Club Member to access your movie multipass.

The Club 10 Multipass is $90 and is valid on all Cinematheque and Silverscreen sessions only.

$9 per film


What memberships does Mercury CX offer?

There are currently two types of membership.  

Mercury Club membership is for cinema lovers, and offers access to Cinematheque, Silver Screen and other programs at a discount. It is $35 a year and includes three free tickets. 

MCX Membership is for story makers, emerging screen practitioners, and supporters of Mercury CX. Providing access to and discounts on Mercury CX programs, workshops and resources, becoming an MCX Member is the first step in your pathway to professional practice.  

How long is membership valid for?
Membership is valid for 12 months.
Can I give membership as a gift?
Yes. Contact us for options on how to provide either Mercury Club or MCX Membership as a gift.
Do I have to be a MCX member to access development programs at Mercury CX?
This varies from program to program. Key opportunities such as the Quicksilver Fund and the South Australian Screen Awards entries require membership. Other development programs may be open to non-members. However, generous member discounts apply across all our programs.
What is GlueUp?

GlueUp is a membership and professional development administration platform. Mercury CX has chosen GlueUp because it supports our needs in delivering membership services and events to our members in a cost-effective way. GlueUp was selected for the range of features it provides, including event and course management. 

Do I have to join GlueUp to be a Mercury CX member or attend an event?

GlueUp is our membership and event platform. For some events that are open to attendees beyond Mercury CX members, the platform may require registration. This is like using a different platform such as Zoom or Eventbrite. It ensures that event registration is complete and communication is possible to registered delegates. 

Does Mercury Club membership provide access to workshops and development?
Mercury Club is based on our cinema programs. For professional development, become a MCX Member – which includes Mercury Club.
I was a Cinematheque member. Is this still valid?
The new Mercury Club membership includes Adelaide Cinematheque. Members are now able to choose between single screenings and multi-passes for Cinematheque programs.
I was a Seniors On Screen member. Is this still valid?
The new Mercury Club membership provides access to the best rates for Silver Screen (formerly Seniors On Screen). Members are now able to choose between single screenings and multi-passes for Silver Screen programs. Note – MCX Members includes Mercury Club membership, bringing the production and exhibition benefits together in one exciting offer.
I was a MRC Member, does this transfer to MCX Membership?
MCX Membership replaces the former Media Resource Centre membership. Current members will be contacted with details of how to transfer.
What other rights and responsibilities do I have as a member?
Mercury CX is governed by our constitution. Mercury CX members have rights, including the ability to vote at member meetings as outlined in the constitution. Mercury Club includes membership of Adelaide Cinematheque. It does not confer voting rights for Mercury CX.